Our history
Traditional artisan family

«Over 30 years of experience in kitchen manufacturing »

Ask Cucine was born in 1986, from the ambition and foresight of the two owners, Piero and Giancarlo, former employees in a well-known furniture factory at the time.
In the early years, Ask takes its first steps in the trade of standard modular kitchens with many difficulties, winning important supplies for renowned warehouses in Northern Italy.

But the difficult period, the increasing competition and the constant desire to grow up and "look beyond", induce Piero and Giancarlo to change their perspective, giving life to 5 new kitchen models, innovative and more focused on design. It’s the early 90s and thanks to this new concept of kitchen, the range of customers is expanded and modified, so Piero and Giancarlo slowly leave large supplies and give more attention to specialized shops, which thus become official Ask dealers.

At the end of the 90s and with the beginning of the new millennium, the way of conceiving the kitchen changes again: from an exclusively working area, it becomes an integral part of the home decor. This is how the new compositions arrive, more and more detailed, trendy and in perfect harmony with the entire home decor.

Customers increase and it becomes necessary to customize kitchens more and more, searching for new materials, for new technologies and for a completely different way of conceiving the house.

Piero Berni

Piero Berni at work in the historic GILMA furniture factory

Ask decides to open its doors to customers and architects, who increasingly love to touch the product with their hands, breathe the scent of wood, giving themselves a tour of the large production laboratory, after visiting the showroom. The "tailoring" production is born, which makes Ask grow further, placing it in the highest market segment. And so today Giancarlo and Piero are once again protagonists of innovation, yet another step of a company that has constant growth, farsightedness and the final satisfaction of its customers as its sole objective.