Orto Cucina
The kitchen with the integrated vegetable garden

Preparing tasty dishes with fresh aromatic herbs grown directly in your own kitchen is a luxury that becomes reality with Orto Cucina.

An idea that goes beyond the concept of design, a project carefully studied in detail to create the first kitchen in the world with an integrated vegetable garden.


  • Island: matt white lacquered doors, front panel in national walnut
  • Matt white lacquered wall unit
    – customizable in all Ral colors and sample colors - matt / glossy
  • White Corian top
  • Columns in Italian walnut

Orto Cucina

This kitchen has everything you could wish for: the internal compartments of the horizontal wall unit - modular and organized according to every need - hide the oven, dishwasher, microwave and coffee machine.

Thus, it is possible to keep the kitchen always beautiful and tidy, simply by closing the vasistas door that is controlled remotely.

Orto Cucina

The chandelier-shaped ionizing hoods are automatically activated for air extraction and purification.

The countertop on the kitchen island is in white Corian®, welded together with the sink and the side panels, giving a light and continuous aesthetic. This material is optimal for kitchen maintenance, since in the absence of cuts, no infiltration of water and dirt occurs.

How the system works

The small garden is equipped with a real timed irrigation system and a lighting system capable of promoting chlorophyll photosynthesis, so the plants bloom in a niche created below the island.

«Orto Cucina wants to satisfy the real need to have aromatic herbs immediately available, instead of outside the home, on the terrace or in the garden».

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