Aerodinamica Connect
Not just a kitchen

Passion, speed, performance, power and technology, this is Aerodinamica Connect.

«Set up» with the kitchen island and the table in solid walnut wood, which cuts through the air suspended lightly on a play of dark glass.

The special color effects of the composition are not optional. The scratched liquid titanium painting of the anthracite gray doors, creates a mixture of light - dark shades, which alternate visually according to the brightness in the environment.

The doors of the columns open easily with motorized mechanisms - which can also be controlled remotely - as well as the compartment of the retractable island, which can be used as a tool holder, without stealing a place on the workbench.

The wine cellar is located on the back of the island, instead of on the columns, to be closer to the table and give a unique scenic effect then enhanced by the internal lighting.


  • Island and Columns in scratched liquid titanium
    - customizable in all Ral colors and sample colors
  • Columns in natural national walnut
    - customizable in all Ral colors and sample colors
  • Lapitec® matt anthracite top
  • Foster anthracite Gun Metal sink

Aerodinamica Connect

The Lapitec® anthracite satin top is pleasant to the touch, gives aesthetic refinement to the worktop and is extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

It is a full-body sintered stone, ultra-resistant to stains, scratches and heat, which, unlike quartz and natural stone, allows you to place the pot just removed from the hob, without running the risk of damaging the top.

Aerodinamica Connect

The first kitchen controlled with an app

Aerodinamica Connect © is the first kitchen to be integrated with a remote control system, in collaboration with Bosch, which allows you to program and switch on the oven or the hob and to receive alerts through the dedicated application on your smartphone, Home Connect.

Aerodinamica Connect


It is the same model of AERODINAMICA CONNECT, but made of different materials and colors.
In this case we opted for a Vintage Stainless Steel worktop, with integrated, retractable basin.
The counter is in SOLID NATIONAL WALNUT, supported by a base of extra-clear tempered glass.

Like the CONNECT, this Aerodinamica model also features a module with central electric opening, which can be controlled remotely.
The doors are made of matt lacquer, combined with the national walnut of the columns.
The hood is a FALMEC LUMIERE chandelier effect.

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