No detail is left to chance

A kitchen can be seen and touched every day and Ask Cucine design is perceived through the sensations of lightness, order and balance

Our kitchens are designed and built to last over time and everything must be perfect, from the logical functional arrangement of the elements to the aesthetics.

Design interprets styles, from classic to modern, from vintage to industrial, each time in a different and unique way.

Inspiration and ingenuity

There are no limits to inspiration. The continuous research, listening to the customer, the interpretation of lines, shapes and images from the automotive, motorcycling and technology sector, find space in the idea from which every kitchen springs.

Modern and harmonious lines, natural materials, recycled wood, soft lighting, the smooth and silent flow of the baskets, everything about an Ask kitchen is extremely engaging.

A perfect balance of horizontality and verticality, between wall units and base units, ensures that their asymmetry is always tidy and clean.

Nothing is wasted and everything is enhanced: this is how a small garden of aromatic plants finds space in an otherwise unused part of the kitchen, like in Orto Cucina