Ask 2020
Gold Collection

«The legend tells of the golden age, a time of prosperity, abundance and strong growth. Serenity and peace dominated the world and the whole universe coexisted in harmony»

ASK-2020 was born from the idea of a new great rebirth, without ever losing sight of its origins: a kitchen where the sober elegance of matte black enhances the unscrupulous shine of the authentic treated brass sheets. A meticulous and manual workmanship makes these particular doors iridescent and totally customizable, giving this imposing composition a unique personality of its kind.


  • Matt black lacquered furniture + brass metal
    - customizable in all Ral and NCS colors
  • FLORIM Nero Marquina glossy top and lining
  • SPAZIO FALMEC cooker hood

Ask 2020

The particularly large work area is characterized by Florim Nero Marquina, an extremely solid porcelain stoneware, which offers flexibility, creativity and high technical performance. Resistant to heat, scratches and stain-resistant, Florim is an absolutely hygienic and safe product, ideal for those who want to feel free to create in the kitchen, without worrying about streaks or scratches.

The marble-effect stoneware table extends perpendicular to the island, welcoming, in a large convivial space, guests and chefs, who can thus converse, without sacrificing at the same time, careful and professional preparation of the dishes.

Ask 2020

A kitchen where attention to detail is very strong, where the hood, with Circle Tech technology, not only serves to purify the air, but represents a real piece of furniture: equipped with electrical sockets and USB, equipped with an equipped area for ladles, spice racks and a holder for the tablet. On the upper part it also has an area, with special lighting, suitable for growing plants.

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