Your bespoke designer kitchen

All Ask kitchens can be redesigned from scratch together with our design department. We start by listening to your idea, stylistic tastes, color preferences and needs, up to creating your custom design kitchen


The customization possibilities are unlimited: kitchens are designed step by step, proposing projects, materials, sizes, colors and combinations that create the perfect composition from a functional, technical and visual impact point of view with the living area in which it is inserted

Spaces and living area

The designer’s professionalism helps to identify the right balance between one's ideal kitchen and the appropriate ways of creating the composition and placing it in the living area

The study on project, the observation of natural light, structural elements and home decor are some useful ideas for designing the overall perspective, which must be harmonious between kitchen, living room and entrance

«Your kitchen is also our kitchen»

We take every project to heart, because we want to satisfy people, making our professionalism available to create unique designer kitchens.

Installation and Kitchens assembly

Once the kitchen project is finished, we release the related system diagrams, which will be checked before putting your custom kitchen into production.

«A complete service, from design to kitchen assembly»

Our kitchen assembly service is highly professional, as it is carried out by the specialized staff who create the kitchen in production and who therefore have an over 30 years high level of technical assembly knowledge.

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