Research and development
We create innovative kitchens

«Research and development is essential to be able to create innovative kitchens»

Our kitchens are designed and created with new possibilities of use and functionality, thanks to the rich know-how, botany, mechanical and electronic engineering and with particular attention to the continuous research and selection of quality materials and and super advanced technical components.


The design and production departments work closely to achieve the trend and innovation goals for our kitchens.

Those who conceive the design also do research and development and know firsthand the problems, the assembly techniques and the processing of materials.

«It is this continuous connection, between the design and production department, that reinforces our final product»

We constantly participate in main kitchen furniture exhibitions and trade fairs dedicated to technical components for furniture, to be updated on the latest technical innovations and mechanisms.


The deep knowledge of every construction detail, inherited from the history of our company, allows us to create high quality kitchens.

In the production department, the craftsmanship of wood is combined with the activity of numerically controlled machines.

The experience of the craftsmen joins that of modern carpenters, giving rise to a winning combination between the experience of manual skills and the precision and speed of the production of modern kitchens.


We have developed complex painting techniques, like that of liquid iron with a nebulized and then scratched effect.

It is a cutting-edge technique, which has been studied and tested for months, before reaching that exact degree of finish, which characterizes Aerodinamica Connect®.

Test Department

For each kitchen, tests are carried out on the functioning of the mechanisms and on the resistance of the structure. We want to give the customer a finished product without imperfections, exactly the cuisine he expects to receive.

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