Mechanisms conceived by our design department

«It is the technical details that make the difference between an Ask kitchen and any other design kitchen»

Our kitchens are a product designed and created at the highest levels, with a high quality content from a technical point of view, choice of materials, internal parts and mechanisms designed by our design department.

Door opening systems

High-tech motorized door opening and closing - or mechanical - devices are hidden in the wall units and base units, which are activated remotely or with the delicate touch of a hand.

The kitchen adapts to the person, with vasistas opening mechanisms of the doors that are positioned in different angles. The pistons of the flap door are ultra-resistant, so they keep the opening in its desired position without moving.

«Each kitchen is a unique and perfect product even where it is not seen»

The baskets reach a load capacity of 70 kg, thanks to the special arrangement of the sliding guides designed to obtain greater force.

Body and Hinges

The internal shell can be in marine plywood or in water-repellent laminate with low formaldehyde content, in the color customized according to the kitchen doors.


Each Ask kitchen is equipped with appliances and accessories carefully selected and tested in our laboratory, to guarantee only products of proven quality

We have collaborations with some of the best brands, chosen by us, of accessories and technical components - like Bosch, Gaggenau, Falmec, Blum, Foster, Miele, Siemens, Salice.

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