The stone kitchen par excellence

When the stone becomes an element that goes beyond nature, here comes what did not exist before.

Vela, a one-of-a-kind kitchen, whose doors, grooves, tops, sinks, hobs and backs are made from the same slab of natural Iranian stone mounted in marble.


  • Columns and wall unit in white brushed wood
    – customizable in all Ral colors and sample colors
  • Base, top, back in anthracite Iranian stone
    - available in all natural stones


A kitchen that demonstrates all the grandeur of stone, a material that offers its natural and powerful resistance.

The hob Pitt is retractable and the three large burners in relief thus become a decorative element.


The two side columns and the central wall unit, in white brushed wood, enhance the white veins of the stone. In one of the two columns hides the refrigerator with motorized opening, equipped with the Blum mechanisms, Legabrox series, the top of the range.

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